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About me

Born in January 27th, 1995. Brazil.
Game Designer, graduated in Computer Engineering, but also an artist that loves games.

I enrolled in FACENS because I saw in it my best opportunity to work with game development while in graduation. For example, I participated and won in the FACENS' Game Development Competition in 2013, 2017 and 2018.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering at FACENS

January, 2013

December, 2018

In Brazil, there was a government program called Science without Borders, which provided scholarships for sandwich graduation in many countries, including Japan. I took part in it and my research consisted in creating a game that hearing impaired people and visually impaired people could play using the TECHTILE toolkit. My advisor was Michiko Ohkura, from Ohkura's Lab.

Sandwich Graduation at Shibaura Institute of Technology

September, 2014

August, 2015

LIGA is the Laboratory of Innovation, Games and Apps of FACENS. While working as an intern, I made 3D models, sketched concepts, developed prototypes and created FX (with Unity's Particle System, Trail Render, Shaders, etc). Aside from my official duties, I always showed my passion in Game Design by participating in FACENS' Game Development Competitions and Game Jams.

Intern at LIGA

September, 2015

February, 2018

I worked as a Game Designer at LIGA, where I documented features, diagrammatized game flow, analyzed playtest data and balanced game values accordingly, proposed new feature ideas, etc.

Game Designer at LIGA

March, 2018

November, 2021

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