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PC Game Prototype (JoyCon Compatible)
Rhythm Game


This rhythm game can be played by hearing impaired people, when they're using JoyCon. 

I idealized and developed an algorithm that converts sound to vibration with JoyCon's HD Rumble, so that the hearing impaired could still "feel the sound". And so I proposed my idea of developing a rhythm game to a programmer and music composer at FACENS. I worked in the project as Game Designer and Artist.

This game prototype was awarded in FACENS' Game Development Competition of 2018. There were four prizes in total:

  •  Best Gamejolt Page

  •  Best Innovative Game

  •  Best Original Soundtrack

  •  1st Place - Best Educational/Social Impact Game!

The video above shows hearing impaired people playing the game and giving feedback in LIBRAS (Brazilian Sign Language) about how they can feel the music as if they were in a party.

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